MEP in Kochi

MEP in Kochi

MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing in the construction field. MEP engineering is the science and art of planning, designing and managing the MEP systems of a building. An MEP engineer is the one who is specialized in this field. MEP is important across all stages of the construction process. This is the nervous system of a building. They will assist in decision making, cost estimation, construction administration, documentation, building management and building maintenance. With excellent services and giving training for MEP, BIM Café is the leading name for MEP in Kochi.

Extensive classes for BIM are given so that you will learn within a short span of time. Moreover, 100% placement assistance will be provided so that you will get a desired and high paying job as you wanted to have.

The Mechanical Part in MEP

The mechanical design elements of a building, especially the heating and cooling systems are included in this. Keeping this feature right is important to make the life inside more beautiful and comfortable. With these systems, it will be easy to set up buildings in hot and cold temperatures, under all weather conditions.

The Electrical Part in MEP

The electrical system is another important part in a building. It keeps the lights on, keeps our devices powered and will keep other systems of building running. The architectural lighting design and plans are a crucial component of the electrical engineering process. This has a lot to do with the lighting of the interior and exterior spaces in a building. They add to the beauty and performance of the buildings. With excellent trainers and by using live projects BIM Café is the leading BIM training centre in Kochi.

The Plumbing Part in MEP

Water is what sustains us. Just imagine, where would be without plumbing. The plumbing systems will enable us to have fresh water for drinking, cleansing and more. Moreover, it is also essential to facilitate plumbing to storm and sanitary waste water away, safely.

MEP is an important part that will be hired for large commercial and institutional projects. It will be like anything like offices, buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals and other commercial spaces. In such cases, it will require extensive planning and execution. BIM Café will train you to the best with extensive training in BIM and MEP with the help of live projects. There will be classes offered by different working professionals in BIM oriented firms. With world class facilities and extensive training, BIM Café is offering best BIM courses in Kochi.